About Us


Hey! My name is Courtney and I am the owner of Naturally Virtuous You LLC. During the day, I am a 14 year veteran elementary school teacher by day and "The Shea Butter Lady" by night!  

As someone who has suffered from eczema my whole life, it became apparent to me that I needed to go the natural route.  My skin is so sensitive that over the counter creams made my symptoms worse. I began to educate myself on how to make my own lotions, lip balms, and healing salves.  I absolutely fell in love with reading about the medicinal properties of both flowers and herbs.  I enjoy learning as much as I can and I will be learning for the rest of my life.  

When I first started creating my products, it was just a way for me to give my students, family members, and friends gifts that would be beneficial for their skin.  If a student of mine had eczema, I would ask their parents if I could give them products for their skin. Their parents would happily take the products. Then, they would comment how well my products worked for their child. This warmed my heart.

This is how my passion began to have feet.  People wanted to actually buy my products. I couldn't believe it!  My dad really encouraged me to create my own business instead of just giving away great products. I've never thought about having my own business but the thought of was exciting.

Four years later, here I am!

I create my recipes in the comfort of my home and I currently sell lip balms, healing salves, beard balms, African Black Soap Shampoos, and body butters in different scents. I enjoy reading books about herbalism, infusing oils, and aromatherapy. I am excited to share my products with you and how beneficial they are for your skin.

Creating my products makes me happy and fulfilled.  I have a new found joy that I am excited to share with you.  Recently, I've become addicted to infusing flowers and herbs.  I use infused oils in my lip balms, beard balms, and healing salves. I infuse my oils the old fashioned way.  I use the sun!! I love the finished result of my oil. I call it liquid gold!  

I hope you enjoy the products that you purchase today and feel free to follow me on Instagram @naturallyvirtuousyou.  

Be sure to share my products with your loved ones.  They deserve to pamper themselves too!


Courtney, Naturally Virtuous You